Hi, I am AdeOla Fadumiye.

Writer/ Editorial Consultant. Event Strategist. Avid reader. Dancer. Wanderlust. Adventurer-at-heart. Christ Lover. Life of the Party. Foodie.

A Thousand Miles...The First Steps chronicles my journey. I share my ups, downs, inspirations, food, faith, travel joys, lifestyle, entrepreneurial pains and tips. It is a one-stop location for exploring my life, growth, journey and travels. 

I am also a writer/editorial consultant and the founder of JostWrite, a writing and editorial consulting firm providing a wide range of professional writing and editorial consulting services to non-profits and small businesses, as well as entrepreneurs. 

Other activities I enjoy are cooking, dancing, working out, sports, watching movies, and several outdoor activities. I am an adventurer at heart. 

I currently reside in Washington DC, but I spend my days dreaming of the sunny beaches of California and the beautiful Italian landscapes.

“I love discovering new ways to weave words together. Something pleasant dances inside me when words work themselves into the right rhythm for the story they’re telling. I write not just to share information, but for beauty and to share the life, struggle and journey of people. I write to inspire, to share hope and to tell the stories of triumph emerging out of pain and passion.”

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