Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Instagram Love...8 Pounds Dumbbells

This week Instagram Love is my beloved eight pounds blue dumb bells. I believe I got these at Target, but here is a similar one at Overstock. I have spent most of the year climbing over them when I get out of bed. Totally defeats the purpose of positioning them right by my bed for an early morning right out of bed workout.  :)

I like this image just cause it is my blue dumb bells. I took it a week or two ago when I finally used them for the first time in a long time. Pheww...the workout Santa Claus is not too pleased with me, but I am getting back on track. I shared why here.

Going back to work is just what I need to get back to running. The hours are set therefore I have no choice but to get out of bed.  I do have to be disciplined too. This has been my motivation in the past; let's see how it works for the next five months. 

Beloved, You are Loved Absolutely!

Shopping my Closet for Work...

I start my internship on Monday, and I am super excited. This change comes with a lot of benefits, but right now I think I am more excited that I get to dress up for a few hours each day. A nice incentive to wear many clothing items I have not wore in a long time. Crazy thing is I like fashion and style, but I am not big on dressing up. I am happy walking around in skinny jeans and flats; I am actually the most comfortable in workout pants and flip-flops.  
However when dressing up has been reduced to wearing my pajamas for most of the past year; it will be a welcome change. Trouble is I haven't done this in a while...a year and 3 months to be exact and I have also kicked shopping to the back-burner for a while. I have lived and will still live on a tight budget, therefore I will not be befriending an all out shopping splurge. If you want to take me on a splurge...I will definitely oblige. :)

I have to get super creative with my closet; it is kinda dysfunctional, but I am determined to work with it. I will probably shop when I can and do some a lot  major shopping in my sister's closet. She is very stylish, and I can fit into some of her clothes. I have not told her yet. Hehehe!

I have been doing my research on how to creatively shop my closet, and I am excited for the outfits I can potentially put together. Dress style at work is business casual, and I can work with that. I am also playing with the idea of challenging myself to shop my closet for the rest of the year. Very tempting, but I know I will walk into a tiny corner boutique and fall flat on my face. Remember this?  I will confess it the first time it happens, but then I will be tempted to lie by omission the third,  fourth, fifth... time. I hate lying, and I will rather avoid the temptation and guilt that comes along with it.

OR I could go with the challenge of shopping my closet for work until the end of the year, and if I do shop outside of my closet (at my sister's, friends or at the store)....I will share what it is and why I decided I needed it. Sounds like a challenge I can live up to.

I was sure this has been done before and I went searching, I found this gem on The Feisty House. The editors of Lucky Magazine did something similar last year, they chose 13 pieces from Banana Republic's fall collection and created 31 days of outfits. I am doing my own variation, and I will do my very best to share how it goes. See images below.

The only items I absolutely NEED right now are a pair of booties, one or two crisp white shirts, one or two dress pants, another flat, maybe a blazer and everything from the Genevieve woman closet essential articles III and III I wrote for Genevieve Magazine in the summer. Just a few items...I tell you. :)

Have you ever shopped your closet for a period of time?
If yes, how did it go?
If no, would you consider trying it out?

Beloved, You are Loved Absolutely!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Things are Falling into Place...

Thank you for your comments and congratulatory messages about my new job. Thank you; you are all appreciated.

This journey is all about discovering myself, having my best life, serving others and honoring Christ. Starting JostWrite, landing an internship and the event assistant position and volunteering as an event coordinator for my church are few of the many joys on the road. This is my thousand miles journey, and I know I am still taking the first steps. I have the rest of my 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s... to enjoy the journey with its twist and turns. 

The greatest gifts that has served me and will keep serving me are faith, patience, courage and hard work.

Things are falling into place, JostWrite is growing and I am excited for this new career journey. I am even wondering how to combine writing with it...yes, I am already thinking ahead :). The possibilities are endless...the journey is long, but I am thankful that I have faithful, loving and strong allies.

I leave you with these words from yesterday Everygirl's post titled, "I'm an Everygirl and...I changed career paths"

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, whatever you want to do, do not give 
up. Do not count yourself out. You have just as much right to live out your goals and dreams as anyone else. And if you don’t know what they are yet? Don’t worry. They will find you." - Caitlin Brown.

Beloved, You are Loved Absolutely!

Monday, October 29, 2012

My Pick of the Week...Jess LC Cable & Heart Bracelet

I have been crushing on Jess LC Cable and Heart Bracelet since the day I set eyes on it. I like gold, and lately I am wearing a lot more gold bracelets and bangles. I have my eyes, heart and account set on this bracelet. Jess Lively is closing Jess LC in four days (Nov 6th) to start a new chapter in her life and career helping people design lives and businesses with intention, and I am determined to invest in her. If you read my blog, you will be aware that I have a girl crush on her. :) Why not invest in something good? Yep, why not.

Good news is everything is 25% off. This bracelet is originally priced at $64, but It is now going for $48. Score!

Code to shop Jess LC is FINALFINALSALE

Beloved, You are Loved Absolutely!

I got a Job...November 5th is my First Day!

I start work next week Monday, November 5th.

For most of my life, I struggled with choosing a career path. I shared my journey in Day 22: My Academics. My confusion stemmed from a lot of factors...I had many different interests, parental/cultural expectations, my confusion, my inability to make a decision and stick to it and the fact that I get bored easily. These have driven me insane most of my life. I was angry that I could not make up my mind about what I wanted to do.

Last June, I began applying to jobs and by early spring this year, I was discouraged with the process. During the same season, I started JostWrite to use my writing skills and desire to generate income. JostWrite kept me going, but by April 2012, I knew something had to give in regards to job searching. I took late spring and all of summer off to figure out what I wanted to do and/or could do. I was primarily using my Masters in Public Health degree to search for public health positions, but it was not cutting it for me. It was a hard decision to let go, because I felt everyone around me or at least in my age group had life figured out or were sticking with whatever they were doing. I was dissatisfied, angry and scared that I was about to repeat college years confusion. However, it was either the status quo or I could dig until I find something that works best for me. 

I spent part of spring and all of summer looking back over my life to see what I enjoyed in my personal life, enjoyed at old jobs and what I have craved consistently.
I got really honest and realistic with myself, because it was just not about finding a job I love. I actually had to find a job and make a decent income. I identified the jobs I actually wanted to apply to, not the jobs I thought I should want based on my degree or how respected the job would be. I kept coming back to details, administration, planning, beauty, people, cooking, logistics, lifestyle, images, designs and colors. I landed in a place I would not have picked at first guess. However, it was the one task or combination of tasks that was consistent in all the jobs I have held since I graduated college... administration and event planning.  It took me just a few tosses and turns to warm up to the idea with my biggest angst being I should want a job that seem more intellectual and my second issue was I do not know how to prepare a place setting or even have the patience for a DIY project (not that event planning work was all place settings and DIYs.)

Earlier in the fall, I decided to step back into the job searching scene looking primarily at jobs in event planning, public relations, communications and marketing. I applied to volunteer, internship and full time positions. I figured having survived been unemployed for over a year, a few months of interning whether paid or unpaid would not hurt. I also thought it was a good way to determine if this was a good fit for me. A few weeks ago, I went in for my first interview since spring and a few days after...I got a call that I got the internship. I am giddy. I am ecstatic about dressing up and heading into an office space after a year and three months of working from home.

My position is events and meeting intern; it is part-time for the next 5 months. I will be working in the events and meeting department alongside the Director of Events and Meetings. The title says it all; I will assist with event planning specifically a big conference in Seattle. In addition, I will be in charge of all events volunteers and scholarship recipients. I like that it is a two-people team, because I actually get to do work while learning up close and personal from a veteran in the field.

In addition, while I was applying to full time jobs, I emailed more than 10 event production companies in the DC area to inquire about event assistant needs. I got a few responses back, but my interview chat with the owner of a DC event production company won me over, and I started as an event assistant a few weeks ago. I have assisted at two events already and booked for two more. Thus far, I enjoy it. The people, the set-up, the chaos before, the coordination, the behind the scene chaos, the details, the design, the break down....

Like a sign from above, I was in church praying for an opportunity to grow this skill two Sundays after I decided to go full speed in. My pastor announced that the church staff needed a volunteer event coordinator. I jumped at the opportunity, and I just finished out a two-day dating seminar. I LOVED IT. The planning, the little details, the people, the administration...I enjoyed it and I got lots of positive and encouraging feedback. Someone who had no idea what I was struggling through told me "Wow, this is your gift." That felt good!

I am diving into this and giving it my best, I might end up in a different place, but like Marie Forleo said in my Sweet Serving post..."Clarity comes from engagement not thought. Take action in one direction or another, and start to feel your way. Feel the feedback." 

Jess Lively said it first and I agree, I have wandered...I have weaved, but I will do what I am meant to do.

A big help on this journey is The Everygirl career columns. I find it amazing that today when I shared my big announcement  Caitlin Brown, a former EveryGirl intern wrote a column about changing career paths.  It made me smile. 

I ultimately live by these words, "Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly above all that I can dream, conceive, ask or imagine." Ephesians 3:20

Beloved, You are Loved Absolutely!

Friday, October 26, 2012

A Sweet Serving...


"May we wander, may we weave, may we do what we are meant to do."

Jess Lively, designer & entrepreneur (Read What the Barefoot Contessa Taught me About Careers)

Beloved, You are Loved Absolutely!

Day 24: Five Words/Phrases That Makes you Laugh

I could not think of words or phrases that make me laugh, instead I'm sharing images with words that totally crack me up. Most of these images are on my phone, so I can't remember where I found them online.






[About 30 Days Challenge]

Beloved, You are Loved Absolutely!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Write What You Love to Read; Read What You Feel...


Reading is a life-line for me.
I love it, and I enjoy it.
When the world is falling into a chaotic mess around me, I can always pick up a book and find peace. I get lost in another world; I love the getaway and inexpensive vacations I take when I am reading.

I started reading adult books at a very young age, and I am yet to look back. However, lately I have been reading less, because I have been reading everything and anything that crosses my path. My love for reading is still strong, but I came to the conclusion that reading becomes a chore for me if I am not reading what I feel like reading and what I love to read.

I thrive as a reader when I'm reading the books I love and want to read.  I struggle as a reader when I'm reading a book, because it was laying around and available to be read. I enjoy the pleasure and joy that comes with staying up all night to finish a book. This year, I have had that pleasure with one or two books. It makes me sad, because I should have that joy with most books I choose to read. I made a 2012 reading list last year, and I am ashamed to say I will not be getting through it simply because other reading items got in the way.

I currently have two books on my nightstand. 


Produced by Faith by DeVon Franklin is one of those reads I could not put down. It was not on my reading list for the year, but it got in the way and it clicked. I mentioned in this post that I was done reading it a few months ago, but I am slowly reading through it again. It is currently my second bible. Reading Produced by Faith has helped calm my career fears as I navigate JostWrite and the growth of a career/professional  life. Franklin's principles are biblical, and he uses his career world of movie making to illustrate how our lives and careers are scripts and movies being written and produced by God. I'm not sure when I will be done with my second go at it, but I think because I am on this job search and career re-definition journey, it will be a staple on my nightstand for a long time. The wisdom I have gleaned from it thus far has been useful.


Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese is a book I am struggling to read. The story is set in Ethiopia and New York, and it is weaved around the secret union of an Indian nun/nurse and English doctor. The union produced twin boys. The nun is dead, the doctor disappeared and the boys are grown. The plot is intriguing, but it is one of those books that got in the way of the books I desired to read; it was available to be read. My old boss passed it on to me earlier in the fall, and it felt interesting, but I can't seem to get through it. It is a good read, however, it is not what I want to read in this season of my life. Right now, I am craving soft summer books...I go through a reading phase. There are months when all I want to read are historical fictions, political fictions and non fictions. Other days, I just want to read biographies and then a few months roll by and I crave romantic fictions or action packed thrillers.

Right now, I'm in the mood for softer fiction. Cutting for Stone is not cutting it for me. Truth be told, I just want to grab the first Hunger Game book, crawl on my couch with a cup of warm apple cider and get lost in the world of the Republic and its districts. However, there is a part of me that wants to finish a book once I start it. I'm currently caught in the middle...finish it or dump it for later or never? What to do? What do you all think?

What books are you currently reading?
Do the kind of books you crave change with the season? 

Beloved, You are Loved Absolutely!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Instagram Love...Running in the Fall!

This week Instagram love is all about running and fall. 

I started running walk/jog again two weeks ago after taking a while off from running due to pain from last year's accident and laziness. Fall is my absolute favorite time to run walk/jog, and fall is actually my favorite season. I think sweaters, tights, warm apple cider and pies. Lots of pies!

I lost my running shoes...I do not know how, so I am running in these for now. I should be getting new running shoes soon. Any ideas?

PS: I enjoy taking pictures of my feet. :)

What is your favorite thing to do in the fall?

Beloved, You are Loved Absolutely!

For. The. Next. Month...

My hair for the next month & my inspiration was Janelle Monae [via]// Yesterday

Braid extensions always wreck my napes, and I avoid them like the plaque. At my sister's wedding last year, I wore them and my napes were not happy. I have avoided adding any form of extensions to my hair since her wedding, and even before that I rarely get my hair done at a salon except for the occasional red carpet events. I have been natural (no lye...wearing my natural curls/coils) for 10 years, and I have groomed my hair myself all these years and that has been good on my walletI always wear my hair out either held back or as an Afro, but I'm itching to try different styles including weaves, braids, cornrows and straight styles next year. My plan would have to include more deep conditioning, protein treatment and henna treatment to keep my hair healthy as go off the edge with my hair. LOL!

How I wear my hair on a typical day...Out! Held back or in an Afro // Summer 2012 with improved napes :) 

I am also thinking about coloring my hair... auburn or deep blonde, anyone?

More than a year after taking out my braids and wrecking my napes, I am rocking the Mohawk cornrows inspired by Janelle Monae and wore by my sister recently. I liked them right after I got off of the salon chair, but then now I am not sure. I hope it grows on me. :) What do you think?

What hairstyle are you currently rocking?

Beloved, You are Loved Absolutely!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Exercise, Food, Sleep...Recipe for Health


I woke up this morning, and it was hard to get out of bed. You know the feeling you get when you wake up and your body tells you to get more sleep. Yep, I had that feeling. It's a feeling I have been living with since December 2011 unless I get 12 hours or more of sleep.

Last year December, I was in a car accident and my back, neck and left side have not been the same. My sleep pattern was also messed up, and insomnia is now an evil I get to deal with.

The accident also was a precursor to several neurology, physical therapy and chiropractic visits. However, the biggest bummer for me would be the prolong interruption to my exercise routine. The pain from the accident makes it hard to run, lift weight and dance like I did prior to the accident. :(

Dang, I was just driving to church minding my business...:(

Accompanying the desire to stay in bed today was the nagging feeling that I am not healthy. I can blame the accident for a lot of things, but I can't blame it for my unhealthy lifestyle choices. Instead of finding milder exercise routines like the doctor's advised...I abandoned exercising for the most part and only ran once in a blue moon  In addition, I ate more junk in the past year than I am proud to admit. I never buy or drink soda and I avoided fast food, but in the past year, these and other unhealthy choices have become part of my life.

I got lazy, and when I have gotten lazy with my health in the past, my sleep is always the first sign of trouble. It is my body's health alarm clock. This morning, I had another wake up call.

I eventually got out of bed, climbed over my dumb-bells and told myself I have to get it together. I only have one body, and taking care of it especially after a car accident is imperative. Heck, I am not getting younger though I tell everyone I age in reverse. :)


I am getting back on the life-long mission of caring for my body by picking up habits I dropped along the wayside  like going to bed between 10p and 11p on most nights. I love cooking and cooking healthy has always been a priority...I just need to move it back to its rightful place. I also need to heed the doctor's advice to try Yoga, lift smaller weights and to walk/jog instead of running.

I had made plans to join a Crossfit gym before the year ran out, because I want to sign up for next spring's Mid-Atlantic Tough Mudder challenge. I might have to move Crossfit and Tough Mudder to a later date. :(

Another area I am hoping to be intentional about are my sitting and standing postures. With my back, neck and entire left side being what they are now...I will be doing myself a huge HUGE favor by adopting good sitting and standing postures DAILY.

I really hope to have my health and body back to normal or even better soon. I know if I make the right choices, I will be sleeping like a baby in no time.

Does your body give you friendly warnings about your health?
If does it tell you?
What unhealthy choices do you struggle with?

Beloved, You are Loved Absolutely!

My Pick of the Week...Coral Faux Suede flats

 [Buy it here]
I fell in love with these Coral Faux Suede flats when I came across them on AMIClubWear.
They are out of my size, but why not share.
They are only $17.99.
They also come in black.
Anyone can make a fashion statement in these.
I know I would!

Beloved, You are Loved Absolutely!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Sweet Serving...

"Clarity comes from engagement not thought. Take action in one direction or another, and start to feel your way. Feel the feedback." - Marie Forleo, part business strategist, part marketing maven and part spiritual ass-kicker with a side of hip-hop swagger.

Beloved, You are Loved Absolutely!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 23: Something That You Miss

I had a meeting on Monday morning (Image above). As I got ready, I realized I miss getting up early, dressing up in a corporate attire and heading to work. A year ago, I would not have missed that, but lately I am missing the work commute. I miss dressing up for work whether formal, business casual or laid back. 

Working for myself means I am usually in my pjs all day week unless I have to meet with a client. It also occurred to me that I was much more disciplined when I had to get up at a specific time and be at work. I took my workout time and routine more seriously. That said, I do love the freedom JostWrite affords me, and I do have to answer the question of  how I will juggle JostWrite with a full time job. My plate is full, and I know I will have to cut my JostWrite monthly work load by half. I have always said JostWrite would be a side gig when I land the job of my dreams, and it will remain that until something changes like having a child or the realization that the work-world feels better in my head.  

As I jump back into job searching, I am looking forward to interviewing, getting a job, dressing up and connecting with people. While I search I am contend with writing this post in my nightgown and knowing one or twice a week, I still get to dress up like I did on Monday and head out to meet a client.  

[About 30 Days Challenge] 7 days/posts to only took me a year. :)

Beloved, You are Loved Absolutely!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lemon or Sh*t Sandwich...Perspective!

I came across the video below about putting things in perspective when life hands you a Sh*t Sandwich. I tweeted my last post and asked people what they do when life hands them a lemon, and truth be is usually more like life has handed us a "Sh*t Sandwich."

Marie Forleo hits the nail on the head with her point on changing perspective. Her point is not about belittling the issues we go through, but to focus on the positives and how we can harness them to change our frustrating life's circumstances. 

Enjoy the video!

Beloved, You are Loved Absolutely!

Placing Blame...


I had an intense phone conversation with my sister on Tuesday.
She was yelling, and I was yelling.
Nothing was communicated, but I heard one thing loud and clear. 
"I am on your side, and it is not my fault," she said.

That statement stuck with me, because it was the second time I was hearing it from a loved one. My mom blurted out a similar statement a few weeks ago when I said some mean stuff to her. She said "It is not my fault, and I'm just helping how I know how." 

After my sister hung up on me, I collapsed on my bed with her words in my head and thought about these two statements. It finally dawned on me that I spent the past few months a big chunk of the year placing my frustration with my life on my family and even to some extend my closest friends. 

Yesterday morning, I was at it again. I was arguing with my dad right after arguing with my youngest brother, who had just stormed out the house to get away from me. :( 

My dad said "Why are you taking your frustration out on me?"

A month ago, I was in a yelling match yelling at my other brother who came home on his day off from residency and met me in a bad mood. I remember him saying, "I had a bad time with a patient today. I should never have come home. What is wrong with you lately?"

As I laid in bed thinking over how I have managed to clash with the ones I love most within two months over petty things...I realized I was the common factor. My family is intense and having three Leos and a Scorpion makes it for a very affectionate, but passionate group. However, we are not fighting every other month...but here I was having clashed with all five of my family members in two months.

Something has got to give. I am not this person, and I do not want my life circumstances to shape me into a bitch "excuse my french." Life is hard right now, but I have to stop taking my frustration out on my parents and siblings. Truth be told...It was not their decision to turn down three job offers thus far. That was my decision and yes, I have to live through the journey. 

I don't want to come across like I am walking around throwing daggers at people. That is far from my life, I am joyful more days than not. I am actually happy and live in a positive mindset, but there are days when I am riled up by a client, a missed opportunity, a rejection from a job I really wanted or simply that feminine time of the month. None of that justifies lashing out at my family.  

Something has got to give...I'm still not sure what.

I tweeted "It is easier to blame everyone but oneself when things don't go the way we planned #realitycheck,"  right after I called my sister to apologize. 

Do you find yourself lashing out at loved ones when life hands you lemons?
How do you deal with it?

Beloved, You are Loved Absolutely!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Instagram Love...Turnip Green

This is a weekly picture series sharing an Instagram image I posted and love.
This week's image is from my Instagram "Trending in my Kitchen" uploads.
I mentioned here that I made melon seed + turnip green soup last week. 
Here is one picture I love from that day. It is my current Instagram profile picture.
Find me on Instagram...@jostwrite

Beloved, You are Loved Absolutely!

I Have These Lyrics on Replay...


I love music. I am a dancer so I guess I should enjoy music.
I listen to music in the shower
I listen to music while watching TV.
I listen to music while I iPod deck plays all night long. (This might be a bone of contention when I get married.) :)
I listen to music when I'm cooking
I listen to music everywhere.

I do not have a favorite song or artist, because what I like changes with the season.
Below are 10 songs (with YouTube links) I have on replay this fall in no particular order. I also included the two videos I'm loving.

I'm Yours by Jason Mraz
Dami Duro (Hold me Back) by Davido
Gold by Britt Nicole
Marry me by Bruno Mars
Ife wa Gbono (Our Love is Hot) by Tiwa Savage

September by Earth Wind and Fire
Just the Way you are by Bruno Mars
Blame it on me by Chrisette Michele
Still That Girl by Britt Nicole
Shame by Jill Scott

What's on your playlist?

Beloved, You are Loved Absolutely!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lesson Learned While Baking Raisin Oat Scone...

In my most Wendyish writing-voice, "How you doing? :)

I'm back in Washington DC, and I would be staying in town for a little bit. I'm hoping I can head out again in November. I love traveling. I really do. I'm not looking forward to the day I get tired of traveling, but I'm sure looking forward to traveling around the world...alone or with a gorgeous man by my side and later with two or three mini-me. :)

One other thing I love is cooking and entertaining. I enjoy hanging out in the kitchen, and I have been cooking a lot since I got back from my trip. Last week I made melon seed + turnip green soup, chicken stew and garden egg sauce. I also decided to bake some raisin oat scone, and it turned into a debacle, but I learned a few lessons. :)

L-R: melon seed + turnip green soup, chicken stew and garden egg sauce.

It started out well...even beautifully; it was my first time baking scone. I placed the dough on a baking sheet, popped it into the oven, closed the over door and reduced the temperature. I walked away dreaming of the joy my tongue would experience in fifteen minutes. Five minutes later, my fire alarm went off and my scone was burnt. I was crushed sad. What did I do wrong? I followed the recipe exactly, which is unusual for me. I realized I had increased the oven temperature instead of reducing it after I closed the oven door. My immediate thought was to trash the burnt scone and go watch TV, but then I thought:

"Maybe I could save the mid-section of my scones. Only the top and bottom seem to be charred."

L-R: Rolled oat with flour, scone dough and burned scone. :(

And that was how I saved the day. I rescued the slightly moist mid-section, added sugar, butter and honey, baked it for a few minutes and out came raisin oat cereal. My dream of relishing warm scone on my couch was replaced with enjoying warm raisin oat cereal with warm milk. Different, but equally satisfying.

Lesson Learned: Every mistake or failure is not the end of the world. There is always something left to work with even a broken heart can rise again. As I write this post, I realized this lesson is a driving force in my job search and in building JostWrite. I started JostWrite while job searching...I did not let my unfruitful job search deter me from engaging in work I love and enjoy. Starting my own small business remains a good and brave decision in my life.

In addition, when I started job searching right before I left my full-time job last July, I focused on searching for public health positions. I had my Master's in Public Health, and I had worked in the field for three years. I liked it, but I was sure it was not where I would be for life. It was okay! However, I was determined to stick to the public health field...I thought "why go to school for 2 years, have all these student loans and then abandon the degree?" But as each day went by, I got anxious and sad because most the positions did not speak to me. It was hard applying to jobs I had no interest in. 

In late spring 2012, I knew I had to take a break from job searching if I was to keep my sanity. Thankfully, I was living at home and could kinda afford to. I needed a summer break to help figure out what I wanted to do for a career. I knew that writing and editorial consulting was long term, but for now it was a side gig. I knew I wanted to work full time and build a career alongside JostWrite. Whether that would be in a different field or in the same field as JostWrite (writing and editorial consulting) was a question I had to answer. I had these issues  and questions to wrestle with and consistently applying to jobs I had no desire for was sucking the life out of me.

Coincidentally, I also wanted to use the summer to determine a direction for JostWrite and A Thousand Miles...The First Steps, and I did have a break-through with the former. I shifted JostWrite from "I write everything and for everyone" to "I provide a wide range of professional writing and editorial consulting services to non-profits and small businesses, as well as entrepreneurs, to help market products, services and brands." Read all about it here.

I'm still working on exactly what my blog, A Thousand Miles...The First Steps, would evolve itself into, but I am putting the puzzle pieces for my career path together. The summer break I took from job searching helped me narrow down the skills I wanted to groom and use. Discovering a common factor in my job history, evaluating what I enjoy doing and narrowing down what I want to do has helped me jump back into the job market with renewed strength. I am making progress, and I love it already. It might not be forever, but it is a starting point. I hope I can share exactly what it is before the month runs out.

Public health may not be the path I am to walk, maybe not now, but just like I did not give up on the potential in the burnt scones...I am glad I did not give up on the different potentials and skills that reside inside of my gorgeous self. There were many a day when I blurted out statements like " I have nothing to offer, "What do I have to offer?"  and "Which of my skills do I want to build and develop into a career?"

Being unemployed for a long period of time can do that. Building a business from the ground up can also do that, but in all of these, I find I am stronger and more resourceful than I was aware of.

I am toasting to never ever giving up ever.

Beloved, You are Loved Absolutely!

Friday, October 5, 2012

A Sweet Serving...


"When people show you who they are, believe them...the first time." - Maya Angelou, author and poet

Beloved, You are Loved Absolutely!

Lesson Learned at a Bowling Alley...


I jumped up in the air, landed strongly on my feet, pumped a fist above my head and turned to face the surprised, but elated crowd behind me. I did a little dance and beamed all the way to my seat while high-fiving everyone in my path.

That was me three nights ago. I wish it was my happy reaction to nailing a dance routine, but it was my exaggerated celebration at hitting one of many strikes (clearing out the pins) at the bowling alley. I was on my personal A-game three nights ago.

You could say I had skills.:)

You might be wondering "why does this make her excited? I'll tell you why.

All my life I have told myself and everyone around me that I suck at bowling. And truth be told, I sucked. All my friends know that, and they teased me every time I went bowling with then which was a rare occurrence  For example, three nights ago my friend entered my bowling name as Chunky behind my back. Not because I am big or fat, but because my friends say I bowl like I have too much fat getting in the way of me swinging a ball. You can understand why a strike for me could very well be an encounter with homemade strawberry cheesecake :). My good performance on Tuesday came as a surprise to many, but not to me. I knew why I did better. 

Three nights ago, I figured out I was bad at bowling, because I bowled like I was bad at it. I had accepted that I was bad at it after the first time I bowled many years ago. I like winning, and because I was not the best on my first try...I concluded I was not good at it. Over the years, I played that broken record to save face instead of working harder and smarter.  

I gave excuses like "I don't like bowling."  or " I am bad at it so I don't even bother." or here is my favorite line which I had employed over the years "I really just go to entertain people, dance to the music and have fun."  I was lying through my teeth.

All of the above translated into "I am scared of losing again. I will adopt an "I don't enjoy bowling"  attitude and not try to enjoy it." It worked. I sucked at bowling and never put an effort into playing.

However, three nights ago, I decided to actually bowl like I wanted to win. I did not have to win, but I needed to kick my personal best out the house. For the first time in my life, I bowled like I cared. I bowled with intention, focus and enthusiasm  I watched the techniques others used around me. I figured out which of the bowling balls were the perfect size for me, and I watched the screen for tips. I started weak, but as I saw what worked and what did not...I gained momentum.

After bowling two rounds, I was still 4 out of 4, but in my heart I knew I did better. I beat my personal best, and I did better on the second round than the first. At one point during the second round of bowling, my thumb began to hurt. This has always been my excuse to stop playing on a usual day...but I kept at it. I found another ball with bigger holes that I could work with. I was sad when my friends said it was time, but they all commended my unusual triumph at the bowling alley.

Lesson learnt this week: I've got to make up my mind about what I want. I also need to get to work. Action, dedication, focus and enthusiasm can make a whole lot of difference even when obstacles come. Just Keep Going! I changed my attitude, my mind followed and my bowling reality changed. That is a valuable lesson that I think can translate into other areas of my life. I see it in my job search reality; a lot has changed in that area, and I hope as things fall into proper place, I can share.  

Have you seen a difference in outcome when you switched your attitude and faced your fear heads on? Please share, I want to hear from you.

Beloved, You are Loved Absolutely!
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