Monday, December 3, 2012

The Constancy of Family...

Hi BlogFam...I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I did! I was out of town; I spent my weekend at an engagement party, wedding dress shopping, a banquet and at the movies. I think I got home at 3am on Friday and Saturday nights, but it was all worth the fun. I finally saw "Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2" and I almost lost my heart. I liked it, because I am a fan. In addition, my friend also said yes to a dress...YES! :)

It was also a very emotional both good and bad ways! Pheww! I am glad to be back home with my family with their constant love and familiar bickering. Family is home! Friends come and friends go, but family...well, they have no choice. :)

It is time for another "Shop my Closet" update. I was at work twice last week and on Monday, I could not be bothered. I woke up late, and grabbed whatever stood out in my closet. All dark colors!  Here are my outfits for Week 4.

Week 4 - Day 7: Monday

Heels: Nine West
Pant: Victoria Secret
Cardigan: Wetseal

Top: Gift from a friend
**Belt: H&M
Wrist Hoops // Earrings: Gifts from my sister
Necklace: Birthday gift from my brother
Rings: Vintage

Week 4 - Day 8: Thurday
Boots: Steve Madden
Skirt: Urban Outfitters 

Sweater:Victoria Secret
Silk Top: Gift from my mom
Jacket: TJ Maxx

Necklace: Gift from my sister
Rings // Stud: Vintage

Beloved, You are Loved Absolutely!


  1. Your second outfit is fierce, so classy.

    Yes, I feel you. The love of family is constant and familiar.
    I pray for God to give us His own ordain friends, because sometimes friendships can be overbearing.

  2. Thanks. I am grateful for my family, and yes, navigating friendships can be overwhelming sometimes especially when we have different personalities and expectations.


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