Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Conscious Effort to Live Naturally...

I believe my blog "A Thousand Miles...The First Steps" is aptly named. I am on a journey, and I know we all are. However, I am keenly aware of this truth lately, and I'm more intimately connected to the journey itself. Every aspect of my life is a mini-journey and plays its own unique part in my overall journey.

The weeks before 2013 are my introspection weeks; I spent a few hours over the Thanksgiving weekend looking back into 2012 and looking forward into 2013. I realized I'm at peace, and the intense desire to accomplish it all is SLOWLY giving way to enjoying the journey. This truth was alive in the way I approached what I put in and on my body. I have always desired to live healthy, naturally, organically and be socially conscious when about what I put in and on my body. However, it felt like there was an overwhelming list of things to do to get there. I actually went vegetarian for a week a few years ago, and it was so hard. Maybe if I had looked at it as a journey not something to just turn around and do...I might have succeeded past a week. :)

2012 was a year I saw myself take more radical steps to accomplish the lifestyle I want in health, wellness and beauty. I am not going all organic or vegetarian (well not yet), and I have not dumped all my chemical-rich store bought beauty products. However, I took a hard look at my life, my choices and the products I use and began wondering how to incorporate or switch to natural or organic substitutes. In 2012, I began questioning why I am not using natural, toxin free and socially conscious products. I also began asking myself to develop the habit of investing in entrepreneurs and smaller businesses. 

Truth be told, I am currently taking bigger steps in what I put on my skin (beauty) than in what I put into my body (diet) and where I spend my money, but each step I take opens me up to making changes in other areas. It is a journey, and I am taking the steps. It does involve a few research into the science above and beyond what the blogsphere had to say.

Changes I made in 2012: 

  • I use *coconut oil as a facial moisturizer in the mornings and at night. 
  • I use a blend of *olive oil and Shea butter (winter) as a body moisturizer.
  • I use *raw honey as a facial cleanser in the mornings and at night when I have no makeup on
  • I use the oil cleansing method (blend of castor oil and olive oil) as a facial cleanser when I have makeup on.
  • I use a mix of honey, coconut oil and brown sugar paste as a lip scrub.

I am looking forward to implementing more changes. For instance, I am almost done with my St. Ives apricot scrub and I could re-invest in this company. Its products are advertised to be toxin, paraben and animal testing free (I need to investigate that), but I am thinking of going all natural by using oat, brown sugar, honey and kiwi or strawberry as a scrub twice a week.

I am excited to keep moving in this direction in 2013, and I can tell you that the results are unbelievable already.

If you use natural products for your beauty regimen, what products do you use & how?
Oh, I am currently shopping around for a natural deodorant. Any ideas? :)

Beloved, You are Loved Absolutely!

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  1. Onward, sis! I need to begin making changes in my lifestyle as far as my skin care regimen is concerned for 2013. I may have to add the raw honey and castor oil blend.

  2. Thanks. I am enjoying switching to natural products thus far.Raw honey and coconut are my fav products for now. You should try them. I also use olive oil to take out eye makeup....the possibilities are endless. Natural, healthy and cheap. :)

  3. Your regimen is so impressive, I need to take notes. I want to try using coconut oil on my face. What benefits have you experienced from using it on your face and body?

  4. Thanks Funmi. Coconut oil and honey are my favorite product now. Smoother, softer, clearer and bouncier skin. It is amazing the difference it makes to use natural unadulterated products. Try it and see what works for you and your skin.


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