Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One Need...

My favorite bloggers focus on personal finance, adoption, the poor/ needy, women/social issues and some creative writing. I am attracted to these blogs for obvious reasons. I am big believer that we can be better stewards of the resources God has blessed us with. My heart is broken for orphans, the poor and oppressed amongst us. I believe women are not given a fair chance, and as a result, suffer various atrocities that we all need to be speaking up against. I am a writer. However, one of my all time favorite blogger is Amy Block @

Amy's blog was one of the first I encountered on adoption. Growing up, I had always mentioned in passing that I would love to adopt children from all over the world. I dream of raising a multinational family. I dream of fostering children in a loving environment. These were desires buried deep within me, but I never really got to thinking much about them until summer 2010. I just got done with my masters, and I was home alone for several months job searching and blogging on my other blog. It was during this season that I came across blogs on adoption and foster care. These blogs awoke in me all the desires that I thought were dead.

Amy's blog made me cry, laugh and hope. Her blog led me to other blogs, and these solidified  the desire in my heart to one day adopt. Reading these blogs made me realize that adoption was God's idea, because He first adopted me into his family. A truth that would resonate with me for the rest of my life.  I admire Amy and her family. She and her husband, Todd, are willing vessels for God. They have four birth children and adopted five more. Two from Guatemala, two from the local foster system and one from Ethiopia. I question what kind of life these children would have if Todd and Amy did not step out to obey God's calling on their lives.

The Block's family recently packed up and moved to Guatemala to serve as missionaries at Eagles Nest Orphanage. They left two sons in college. They moved with seven children to begin the journey of nurturing and giving hope to thousand more. I guess the very thing that attracts me to the Block's family is "This is a family living out the dreams in my heart." I really admire her and her commitment to God. I admire her dedication to serve God and no other. I admire her sacrifice, and I am blessed to be able to read her blog and be part of their journey.

Amy recently shared a need of the children who come to the orphanage, and I am hoping many of you would stand up to help fill this need. Living in poverty is something many of us cannot understand. I do not have a regular income, and I am working hard to build a writing career while cursing at my student loans; poverty has never been my reality. Many of the children served by the Block's family walk miles without shoes or in shoes that are worn out and/or several sizes smaller. Little girls and boys with bruised feet are not what we encounter daily, but these are the "tip of the iceberg" needs of many. If you are interested in donating $15 to help a child get shoes, please click here to read Amy's blog post on the need for shoes and then, please donate.

Like I earlier mentioned, I am not working, but I do support The Block family when I can. Here is an opportunity for each and everyone of us to reach into our wallets and support them. Please take the time to connect with their stories here. If you would like to partner with them as they take the Gospel to hurting children in Guatemala, please click here.  If you do not wish to give online, you can send a check to:
Eagles Nest International
P.O. Box 3213
Wichita, Kansas 67202
(Please indicate "Block Family Guatemala" in the memo section)
If you do not have the resources to give now, tell your family and friends to give and keep them in your prayers.

I desire to be a vessel that God can use. Totally broken and submitted to his every desire. Yes, I have desires that I wish God would fulfill now and laying them down is hard. However, I know He honors my obedience. In Todd and Amy, I see imperfect submitted vessel and I love and admire what I see. I may never see the sacrifice that got them here, but I see the glory, the joy and the happiness. To be more like Jesus means...I die and He lives.

Beloved, You are Loved Absolutely!

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Wedding Celebration is Done...I Am Back!!!

I have been gone for almost a month now and needless to say it is kinda good to be back. My older sister got married, and I was a maid of honor...pretty busy times. It was a beautiful wedding, but I am glad that day is behind us. Weddings are a lot of work.

Congratulations to the Newly Wed. I wish you all of God's best in your marriage.

I am back to writing, and there is a lot of stuff going on in my life. I am not even sure where, how or what to start writing about, but I am glad I am back.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Scribed: Clouds in the Morning

“I am going home tomorrow.” He thought

“The tall man with his weird fingers and his wife will be here to take me home tomorrow. I am dying to see his house and meet his children; my new sisters and brothers. Maybe he’ll buy me toys from the store across the street. I bet he’ll buy me a gift every month and on my birthday and at Christmas.”

“Can it be tomorrow already? I wonder if he plays basketball or watches football. I get to go home. I’ll be good and nice.”

“What if he does not show up? What if he changes his mind about me? My mother left me; maybe I am not good enough. Or, maybe I cannot live in a normal house like other kids. I bet he will love me if I wear that blue shirt I got two Christmas ago from my foster parents. I have to wake up early to get clean and ready. But what if he never shows up?

Morning arrived with the rising of the sun, with the roar of a car in the distance and with the clattering of keys. Morning is here, and it is time to choose life in the cluster of what it has to offer. Brian arose to fulfill his life long desire to give a child a loving home. Patrick arose with hope that his life long desire to have a family was being birth this morning. The sun seemed higher in the sky. The nurses in the orphanage looked cuter today and their smiles brighter. Hope climbed upon hope. One packed luggage, one last glimpse in the mirror and the first step towards the common room brought with it a cloud.

“What if he had changed his mind?”

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 7: Five Pet Peeves...On the DC Metro System

I moved out of Washington DC on August 1st, appromixately...yesterday :). I lived in DC for four years and detested it for two out of the four years. I began to like it in my third year and then loved it in the last few months. DAY 7 is dedicated to my means of getting around town. Without it, I probably would have been stuck at home and mad outta of  my mind. I enjoyed riding on the train.

5. People who disclose all their personal, non-personal and business issues on the train. Whether you are on the phone or talking to someone two inches from wants to know what you had for dinner last night. However, we can smell it on your stinky breath anyways.

4. People who stand to the left hand side of the escalators. Why would you stand when you see everyone to your right standing and everyone in front of you on the left moving? I have missed many trains, been late for work and had to wait 20 freaking minutes for a next train, just cuz YOU COULD NOT MOVE ON THE LEFT AND STAND TO YOUR RIGHT.

3.  People with loud head-phones. As much as I relish the idea that you are going deaf soon, I would still appreciate not enjoying your choice of music on the train. BTW, the rules on the train walls says no loud head-phones, but I bet your cannot read for a dollar.

2. People who sit their bags and extra what-nots on the seat while others stand. I dare to say I hate these people, but hate is a very strong word. I don't even know you. Hiss! The seats are made for breathing humans, not ugly looking bags and EXCUSE ME...FEET. How dare you? Did your backpack pay for its own fare? Then it's not a passenger and doesn't deserve its own seat.

1. People who sit their bags and extra what-nots on the seat while others stand, and have the nerves to give you the "WHAT?' look. Excuse me selfish jerk...WHAT had happen was you putting your ugly toes on the seat that my fine butt should be sitting on?


a. People who read a book as they walk in or out of the train. Douche bag, can you hear the train chimes indicating the doors are about to close? We are all trying to get on so I hope the train doors close on your freaking hands, shred your books to pieces and clip your fingers. Maybe that would teach you a lesson.

b. People who have a meal including appetizer, entree and desert on the train. Excuse me, this is not your favourite diner and neither is it your couch. Get it together.

c. People who block the entrance to the train. Why do people not let you get off the train before trying to enter it? Can the outgoing passengers get off before you try to wiggle in? I think it is selfish if you stand right in front of the doors knowing people are coming off. Please take a glance to your right and left at the people standing to the side of the doors...they are the ones going to on the other hand are heading to hell.

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