Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 2: Something(s) I Feel Strongly About!

I feel strongly about enjoying life. I am free in Christ, and I intend to enjoy my freedom for the rest of my life. I believe it is important to know what you do well and to step into it even when you are afraid. People spend their lives doing things that leave them joyless and handicapped. When we engage in the things we are good at, we give our very best to the world. It is when I am doing what I am called to do that I am my best. My best then releases others to be the best without an iota of judgment from me.

In addition, I feel strongly about helping oppressed and victimized people with little or no voice. It is imperative that people with a platform are speaking on their behalf and also encouraging them to speak for themselves. I am very uncomfortable with the idea of living my life to the full and enjoying all that God has blessed with me while neglecting the poor, the sick and the orphans amongst us. I know I am blessed, and I should also be a blessing. I am not blessed to hoard my possessions, enjoy vacations year after year and lay on a beach sipping margaritas while doing nothing about the suffering around me.

I am called to live life abundantly while loosing the chains of injustice, untying cords of captivity and setting the oppressed free.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

My Nerves Jump!

I am scared of embarking on a professional writing journey. I would rather not take the path I know is set before me, but I have a greater fear of the question "What if...?" Fear had captured my heart many a times, and I have doubted my ability and love for words. But here I am, plunging into it. An all out focus on writing is scary. My nerves are wracked, and oh how they jump.

However, regardless of the wreck my nerves have encountered, when I am not writing as I ought to, I am constantly asking myself why. I love words. I enjoy stringing words into colorful sentences. In spite of my affection for words, I have spent countless hours, days and weeks across from a computer wondering what the heck I should be writing about. I am ready, but I am scared. A gift or talent is a responsibility. I cherish my gift. I cherish my talent, but I wonder if I am ready to hone it. Am I ready for hardwork and excellence?

This is my journey. These are my fears, but this is my commitment. This is my first step in a journey of a thousand miles.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 1: Five Ways to Win My Heart!

1. A dedicated and growing relationship with Christ
2. A heart for the needy, poor and oppressed...esp. orphans (Adoption)
3. A desire to travel the world and live in different countries
4. Adventurous baby..., crazy-adrenaline-hair-sticking-out -the-back-of-your-neck adventure
5. Can you dance? Even if you can't, would you dance with me all day and night?

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

My 30 Days Blog Challenge

I decided to introduce myself by answering 30 questions in 30 days. I came across the challenge on Dagny Zenovia blog. I figured it is a nice way for you to get to know me. I am not promising a blog a day, but that is my goal. If something else comes up over the course of 30 days that is worth a post, I'll get to it and get back to my 30 days challenge. Below are the questions I will be answering.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Focus! My Niche!

Maybe I would write about injustice.
Maybe I would write about women issues
Maybe I would write about beauty and hair
Maybe I would focus on Black women and natural hair
I might just review books and products
Or talk about my experience living in two very different cities...Minneapolis & DC
Or in two different countries and continents...Nigeria and The United States

I could also focus on relationships from monoracial to interracial
I could very well whip out recipe after recipe.
Speak on the politics, fashion or trend of the day.

You never know what I will be bringing your way.
All I am asking is that you follow me as I discover my niche while entertaining and educating you.

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